Leighton Buzzard Railway Whisky

Whisky festival hits Bedfordshire in June 2018.

Father’s Day 2018 offers a whisky festival at the Leighton Buzzard Railway, with 40+ whiskies, spirits and pre-mixed cocktails available.

The event will be accessed via Page’s Park Station, Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard LU7 4TG where a train will take the lucky whisky drinkers to Stonehenge Works Station where the festival will be waiting.

The festival runs from 1055am (when the first train arrives) to 4pm, with charged masterclasses every hour on the hour.

Visit our classifieds section to find entertainment and drink supplies for your festival - CLICK HERE.

Ticket /cost details:
£10.50 Adults
£9 Seniors (60+)
Fares are for train ride which includes free entry to the festival.

17th June 2018: whisky festival day

Whisky and steam engines: what’s not to like?

For further details, visit the festival website, or email the organiser Rocky Lancer at rockyatlbr@gmail.com

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