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Running a festival takes a few items. A lot of paraphernalia are needed for it all to come off right.

Whether you are setting up for the first time, or are an experienced festival organiser looking to stock up, check out the links below.

Here you can browse the essentials for good deals.

Bar mats are a useful addition to your festival bar, and add to the professional ambience. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Beer mats are a must have for any drink festival. Buy in batches up to 100. If you already have a stock why not make sure you don’t run low? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Bottle openers. If your festival is going to involve bottled beers or wines then plenty of bottle openers is a necessity. Why not browse and find a style that suits your theme? How about trying a finger ring opener? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Chairs. Folding chairs can be a great method for seating in a festival: CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.  Also useful for seating in and outdoors at festivals are plastic garden chairs: CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Glasses. Critical items for a beer or cider festival are pint or half pint glasses. Buy in bulk or look for themed glasses. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Pint Glasses – plastic. You may prefer not to use glass drink vessels. Buy in varying bulks. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Serviettes. Necessary for any festival, especially where you intend to serve food. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Table cloths. Providing food? Want to make your trestle tables looks professional? Table cloths is what you need. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Trestle tables. Provide tables for your festival, or create additional seating and resting areas in your chosen venue. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Browse our pages and find all the items you need at good prices.

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