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Gift Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to know what to buy for a friend, relative or partner. If the person you need to get a present for is a festival-goer or a drinker then here are some ideas for gifts that could provide the ideal solution.


Is your gift for someone who likes a drink when they are at home? Do they come across as a bit of a connoisseur? If so then maybe it is time for a home brew kit, that way they can make their tipple exactly the way they like it. Home brewing can be the start of a whole new hobby and starter kits come ready to go without breaking the bank. Browse now:

Beer brewing starter kits

Cider brewing starter kits

Wine brewing starter kits

Gin brewing starter kits


If you are looking for a present for someone who already brews their tipple at home, then an ideal gift would be a kit for their next brew! These packs contain the the ingredients to go with an existing home brew set up.

Just pick the type of drink to be brewed:

Beer brews

Cider brews

Wine brews


Also worth a look as a potential gift are books about home brewing if your friend / relative / partner is already somewhat into making their own drink, or thinking about it. A good book could act as a refresher, or introduce them to new tips and techniques; for someone toying with the idea of getting started it could be a great boon, opening up the subject for them.

Beer brewing books

Cider brewing books

Wine brewing books

Drinks glasses

Are you buying for a cider or beer drinker who likes a pint in the house, perhaps whilst watching a game or a movie? Do they have a favourite brand of drink? If so then how about a branded pint glass with their favourite drink’s logo emblazoned on the side? CLICK HERE to browse options.

Are you getting a gift for a beer or cider drinker who has a favourite football team? If so – then why not get them a pint glass with their team’s logo? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Or how about ordering their own personalised engraved pint glass? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

CAMRA have been going for a long time now, and have many festivals under their belt. How about obtaining a bit of drink festivals history with a CAMRA glass? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

For those who enjoy German beer (or lots of lager) how about a stein glass? These are much larger than pint glasses – usually one litre. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

For a fun alternative gift – try a boot stein glass; a huge beer glass shaped like a boot. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Then there is the final say in beer glasses: the yard of ale. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

For spirits glasses please select from the following options:

Gin glasses box set

Whisky glasses box set

Brandy glasses box set


Drinking coasters

Try a drinker’s coaster for your friend or relative to rest their tipple on. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.


Fridge magnets

Add some humour to any kitchen: for beer theme fridge magnets CLICK HERE, for wine theme fridge magnets CLICK HERE. Fun for anyone who appreciates some tipple.


Car stickers

Liven up any drinker’s vehicle with some amusing stickers:

Beer theme.   Wine theme.   Whisky theme.

Drinks shirts and clothing

Try browsing a selections of shirts with the logo and theme of a brand drink. A gift for a friend, or yourself. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Perhaps a beer themed t-shirt would make a good gift? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

And how about some beer themed boxer shorts? Guinness, Duff Beer, Corona, Coors, and more… CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

And for the colder weather how about a beer themed beanie? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

For a friend or relative who likes a beer, the ultimate in sleeping style is beer themed pyjamas. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.

Books: the history of drink

If you have a friend or relative who would be interested in the history of their favourite tipple then why not buy a book as a present for them?

History Of Beer

History Of Cider

History Of Wine

History Of Whisky

History Of Gin

History Of Rum

Drink gift sets

A good option for a friend who likes a drink is a boxed gift set of their chosen drink.

Ale gift sets

Cider gift sets

Gin gift sets

Whisky gift sets


Drink themed clocks

Ornaments or wall clocks – why not consider a drink style clock as a present for a friend, or get one yourself. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.


Trips and breaks

A wonderful gift for your nearest and dearest could be a short break, a weekend getaway, or a holiday. How about a rural cottage, a weekend in Continental city, or a trip to Ireland or Scotland? CLICK HERE TO BROWSE.