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Information for bands

This website does not host festivals, but publicises them within an extensive searchable directory. As such, we cannot hire bands ourselves.

However, we are happy to let bands advertise in our free classifieds section which has a section dedicated to bands.

Please place an advert, and try to provide as much of the following detail as possible-

  • Areas / region(s) you prefer to perform in,
  • Type / genres / periods of music you can perform,
  • Contact details (we use software that impedes the ability of spambots to scour email addresses),
  • Social media details (Facebook page, Twitter, etc),
  • Price(s) for performing,
  • Youtube videos, links to your own website or examples of your performances if  you have them,
  • Photos if  you have them.

The more information you can provide then the better the advert. And remember, this website is search engine optimised and registered with the main search engines, so your advert will be indexed by their robots and start to appear in search results.

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